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Current list of active NACDL Committees
Audit Committee
  • The Audit Committee oversees the Association's financial practices, internal controls, financial management and standards of fiscal conduct. It is responsible for reviewing financial statements, reporting to the Board of Directors that financial statements accurately reflect the Associations financial condition, determining the adequacy of internal controls surrounding financial information systems, and ensuring adherence to the Association's conflict-of-interest policy. The committee consists of no fewer than five members, the majority of whom are current members of NACDL's board of directors. Audit Committee members serve five year terms, and are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Board of Directors.
Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of the Association.
Budget Committee
  • <p>The Budget Committee develops and recommends a budget for the Association, with the advice and recommendation of the Executive Committee, to the Board of Directors. The Budget Committee considers and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding any amendments to the Association&#39;s approved annual budget after said Board of Directors meeting.</p>
Bylaws Committee
  • <p>The Bylaws Committee ensures that amendments to the Bylaws are properly made. The Bylaws Committee&#39;s membership includes at least one member of the Executive Committee; at least one member of the Elections Committee; and at least one member of the Board of Directors.</p>
CLE Institute
  • The mission of the NACDL CLE Institute is to develop and execute NACDL&#39;s CLE curriculum in a manner that maintains the integrity of its programs and status as the premiere CLE provider for the criminal defense bar. The Institute will ensure the viability, efficiency, continuity, quality, and profitability of NACDL seminars by overseeing, planning, and implementing cutting-edge programming to foster excellence and high ethical standards in criminal defense practice.
Council of Affiliates
Elections Committee
  • The Elections Committee consists of no less than five members appointed by the President to supervise the conduct of elections, provide guidance concerning elections to the Executive Director and to resolve any disputes regarding the election process. In the event, of a dispute, the Elections Committee resolves the dispute and maintains a written record setting forth the reasons for its decision. This record is provided to the Board of Directors at the next meeting. Any adverse decision of the Elections Committee may be appealed to the Board of Directors, whose decision shall be final. Election disputes within the association are rare. The structure of the Elections Committee and its duties are described in more detail in the Bylaws at Article VII, Section 6.
Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee exists to act on Association business and transactions during the interim period between Board of Directors Meetings. It meets as necessary, either telephonically or via other electronic transmission, to manage the business of the Association. The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Immediate Past-President, and two members of the Board of Directors. Other duties of the Executive Committee are described at
Governance Committee
  • <p>The recent Bylaw amendment (Article VII, Section 11) establishes a Governance Committee, which shall biennially present its report and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the size and composition of the Board of Directors.</p>
Internal Complaint Committee
  • The Internal Complaint Committee investigates alleged violations of NACDL&#39;s Code of Conduct and Personal Conduct Policy as applied to all NACDL officers, past presidents and members of the NACDL Board of Directors.
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